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    Mark leaving

    Last week we were shocked to hear from Mark that he has decided to move on from One Night Only and pursue another career no longer playing or making music. We wish him all the best in his next chapter and would like to thank him for such an amazing journey so far. As a band we will be carrying on making music and releasing our third album which we finished making this year, we have a sold out London show this December which will still be talking place and we are planning to get back out on tour in 2015.

    Mark would like to thank all the fans for making the last 10 years so special.

    cr. ONO facebook page

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    So you can call this what it is, and kill me,
    If you can get around to it…

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    One Night Only →

    First confirmed gig, 6th December, Sebright Arms London, 7.30pm

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    One Night Only →

    The guys have signed vinyls of the new single available on their online store!

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    Erase – the B-side to One Night Only’s new single ‘Get Around To It’. Available now on limited edition 7” vinyl and download.

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    Get Around To It - The new single from One Night Only’s forthcoming third album. Available now on limited edition 7” vinyl and download.

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    '@Georgecraigono: Me & my mates made some music, a single comes out on Tuesday'


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    Anonymous asked: Has one of you ever been to Helmsley? Maybe I'm gonna get the chance to go York and then i could visit Helmsley as well. Fpty btw, love you! <3


    yeah it’s cute and has good ice cream from what I remember. bit out of the way but if you’re in the area it’s worth popping in. York is amazing too so you should definitely go if you get the chance! x

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